The front desk is open from 9:00 to 22:00.
Please be sure to contact us if you arrive after 22:00.
Dream Inn Hakata
January 2022 Guest room renewal completed!

【Official】Dream Inn Hakata

The concept is the comfort of being at home

All rooms have living / dining space,Equipped with kitchen and washing machine with dryer.
Comfortable for family trips and business use! Brightness and relaxation in a spacious space★
Make your trip more enjoyable!

Hotel introduction

  • Comfortable like home in the center of Fukuoka / Hakata

    "Dream Inn Hakata" near "Hakata Station", the center of transportation, shopping and gourmet, is like home so that you can feel Fukuoka as if you live in Fukuoka regardless of the length of your stay. Our goal is to provide space.

    The staff of Dream Inn Hakata will help you as much as possible, such as local sightseeing information for a fun trip and consultation on problems during your stay.


  • Dream Inn Hakata Official Website Reservation Bonus

    We would like to express our gratitude to all those who have made a reservation from Official website Dream Inn Hakata.

    ① If you make a reservation on Official website, you can apply 1 hour late check-out free of charge.
    ② If you make a reservation on Official website, a 5% discount will be applied.
    ③Customers who make reservations on Official website will receive a free Fukuoka Tower observation ticket or Fukuoka's famous mentaiko rice cracker.

    For travel, business trips, events and shopping, please use Dream Inn Hakata as a regular inn for customers who often come to Hakata. (
  • Luggage delivery to the airport "Cargo Pass" service

    You can use the cargo delivery service "Cargo Pass" between the hotel and the airport. ((1 point 550 yen)
    When you arrive at Fukuoka Airport, you can leave your luggage at the dedicated counter, and then you can go on a business trip or sightseeing empty-handed.
    Luggage can also be stored at the front desk on the day of hotel check-out.
    Please enjoy empty-handed from the sightseeing after that to the airport.
    Please see the site for details.

About new coronavirus infection prevention measures

  • Dream Inn Hakata is taking the following measures so that everyone can stay with peace of mind.

    【At check-in】
    ・Request for temperature measurement and hand disinfection at the time of admission.
    ・A partition is installed on the front desk.

    ・A password entry key is used on the guest room door, allowing keyless entry. ((Eliminates the need to touch keys used by an unspecified number of people)
    ・A disinfectant spray is installed in each guest room.
    ・Store the remote control of the TV / air conditioner in the UV sterilizer.

    【At check-out】
    Express check-out allows you to leave without stopping at the front desk. ((Avoid crowding at the front desk with other guests)

Reservation / contact information

Please feel free to contact us.


Reception hours 9:00 to 22:00